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The above screenshot shows a panel from the simply brilliant narrative cartoon by very and multi-talented Ruth Stolzewski, a German author, film director and photographer. Ruth is dedicated to the Great Dane and active in the efforts to see the breed restored to good health and sound, non-exaggerated, functional type and structure in her country and everywhere. The cartoon is called “The Time Traveller”, in honor of world-renowned Great Dane mentor, Jill Evans, who’s authoritative breed history of the same title, “The Time Traveller – the development of the Great Dane“, is a constant inspiration and an invaluable resource for every student in dogs. It’s a timeless reminder of what the Great Dane was and what we owe to them to restore. Breed Clubs around the world ought to study this book, put it on their ‘essential reading’ lists and educate breeders and judges with it, if we are to get the breed out of its current awful predicament somehow. And the how rests on education.

In the cartoon, the classic Heiko v.d. Burg-Thann, the dog elected by the Deutscher Doggen Club in 1988 as the ideal model for it’s centenary Jubilee statuette, the Hutschenreuther Dogge, travels to the future and meets one of today’s hyper-type, show winning pseudo-Danes. You can view and read the cartoon in large format – it’s in English – by clicking here. The cartoon is uploaded by Ruth to encourage sharing!

Here is the German language version.

Ruth has also produced films about DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) in Great Danes and Dobermanns. You can watch the video with English subtitles here.

Please feel free to share far and wide and help raise awareness about the Great Dane’s plight. We must do what’s necessary to restore and preserve our dogs and protect them from the greeders who are preying on them. Dogs deserve better!

With sincere and cordial thanks to Ruth Stolzewski.