Do Dogs Dream of Better Humans?

The Eros Principle

The betrayal of “man’s best friend” by Western Hypocrisy and the small matter of a World Dog Show in a dog-eating country.

The governing bodies of the “Dog Show Fancy” are devoid of leaders and empty of leadership, just as their duplicitous words are empty rhetoric void of humanity, meaning and sincerity. Their actions and inactions speak louder – they are, in fact, deafening.

This arrogant hoi-polloi motley crew of self-indulgent, self-promoting pseudo-expects and social climbing jet-setters are perpetuating dog exploitation for the sake of their own egos, fame and fortunes; they are knowingly, cynically and ruthlessly spewing pseudoscientific fanciful myths and supporting indefensible practices, systematically harming the Canis familiaris species.

As humanity is facing a catastrophic civilization melt-down due to Climate Change and rampant consumerism, just twelve years from the point of no return as a result of corporate greed, anti-intellectualism, self-destructive denial of facts and criminal collusion…

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