the purpose of this blog is to educate about the breed of dog we know and love as the Great Dane.
Gnosis is knowledge. It helps us understand each other and make our lives and the lives of others better or at least more bearable. Dogs are our long-suffering friends. With education and an open mind to acquire it, we can attempt to lessen their suffering.

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If you are interested in my Art or the educational resources I have authored and you’d like to purchase a copy, please go to Canis Major or to my Facebook page, here.

My other, general blog about voyages of the mind into Life, the Universe and Everything, is the Eros Principle and the door is always open.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I really love your blog. It’s great to see the differences between the standards and also the history behind the breed. I too, have a blog about Great Danes, but it’s in Swedish.

    Is it ok to link and refer to some images on your blog? Only link, not download or anything like that. I was also wondering if it’s ok to link and/or translate the magnificent text about the breed I found on your kennel site?

    I absolutely loved how you described the breed on that page. Thanks in advance for any replies!


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  2. I’m looking forward to learning more about the history of the breed. I feel like I know some but certainly not enough!


  3. I have been looking at your blog and have found a photo, that I would so much like to use in a Danish book, I am about to publish next year. The photo is one of Alexander the great and his dogs – photo called dscf1502.jpg. Can I download and use it for my book? Dorte (www.tro-fast.dk


  4. Hello, thanks for this. I have some old catalogues of Soviet period Great Danes, and some photos collected from people. According to my estimate, there were three centres for breeding GDs in the SU: Moscow, Leningrad, and later Riga. I have also material about GDs around the world, as I had GDs for 18 years. Then I switched for a smaller breed. But yes, it is an interesting history, and there are so many untold stories there.


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