Who I am


I’m nuts about Great Danes. That’s all you need to know. The blog is not about questioning my knowledge or the validity of my opinions (although you can do that within the discussions where we will exchange information). If you think you know better and you also wish to dedicate your precious time in educating others about the same subject, please do start a blog. If it’s any good, I will follow it and link it and share it. The opinions expressed here are mine own and I can reasonably back them up. I try to stay within the realm of provable facts & logic instead of fantasy, breed mythology and conjecture.
My qualifications and experience come from decades of studying this subject and consuming a vast amount of books, articles, studies and all kinds of publications and practical knowledge about the breed on a daily basis. I have limited breeding experience as a hobby breeder myself but extensive experience through the breeding of others. I stand on the shoulders of all who came before me and I am grateful to them and to the ability to learn from their mistakes and mine. I am also a qualified conformation judge and have been studying Danes and many other breeds & animals since childhood. I’m a compulsive reader, an artist with specific studies in anatomy & movement, a teacher, a lecturer on dog conformation and locomotion, a published writer, an editor and publisher (in a previous professional endeavor) and I approach knowledge as an ongoing process. I learn therefore I am.
But enough about me.

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