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puppy photo


He died this morning.

Your pet shop acquisition.

Easy come, easy go.


You bought your car with great care.

A car can’t be as easily replaced.

And everybody knows that. 

One has to be careful, buying a car.

Or a television.

Or anything of value.  


He died today.

You thought, just my luck.

You felt sorry for yourself.

You felt angry,

you felt cheated.

You blamed everybody else.

You thought, nothing goes my way.


Now to replace him, quick.

Puppies dot com or something like that.

No questions asked.

You pay, you buy.


Another Great Dane,

like the one that died today.

The one that became nothing.

A body to be disposed of.

An unpleasant memory to be tucked away.

You felt sad – about yourself.

Annoyed – with your misfortune.

No more puppy, after all that.

But you picked yourself up,

you dusted yourself down;

what the heck – life goes on;

better luck next time eh?


Don’t fool yourself by the way;

he won’t be waiting for you at no Rainbow Bridge.

He won’t be waiting for anybody, anywhere.


The one who bred him didn’t care.

His mom, she cared.

He thought of her as he laid there.

You didn’t get to see him go,

see the tail wag one last time,

thinking of her

thinking of you.

Then, nothing.

He doesn’t suffer any more.

Could be worse, one might say. 


He didn’t dream of what could have been,

of the life he could have lived.

He was lucky that way, being a dog.

No expectations, no regrets.

Just a pup who didn’t grow up

a pup that died today.


You thought I’d understand.

You thought I’d sympathize. 

I’ve heard the story before.

Too many times. 


You wrote to me as he lay dying.


All I can think is “why?”  

And “how many more?”




March 20, 2016