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extreme hyper type dog


… I have a few questions for you.

For your Board of Directors and your members and your lawyers and all the persons that contribute and finance your existence.

You’re supposed to protect and preserve dog breeds; it’s what you claim to do.

Children look up to you. You are supposed to be role models, educators, positive influencers.

You are mandated to safeguard dogs and ethical breeders. That is why the grassroots dog fanciers, owners, exhibitors, breeders, judges, trainers, handlers and myriads of  other people in dog-related businesses, involved in competitions, sports and hobbies, and a very great number of consumers of dog-related products, contribute to your coffers with their hard-earned cash.

How, then, do you reconcile your conscience, statutes, raison d’être and objectives with this.

You fund this.

You provide the single major incentive for this.

You ensure that BYBs and puppy mills and greeders that do this to dogs stay in business and thrive and make shitloads of $$$.

And very well you know it.

Yes, YOU, Dear AKC, and YOU, Dear UKC, and YOU, CKC (Continental KC), self-proclaimed protectors of dogs and preservers of pedigree breeds and caretakers of breed standards, supposed experts of all things dog, providers of advise and guidelines and marks of excellence and awards of Merit, you all are nevertheless the prime culprits of this.

You finance it.

Worse still, it wouldn’t be happening without you.

These torturers of puppies, these exploiters of dogs, wouldn’t be in business without you.

They openly admit it: “we do it because we are making a lot of money exporting these dogs to the Americans”.

If there wasn’t a market, they wouldn’t be in this disgusting business.

Dear AKC, Dear UKC, Continental KC, they can’t sell their physically impaired dogs without your papers.

You register these puppies, you provide them with your seal of approval, you allow them to reproduce.

You issue this scum with a licence to torture.

You register these dogs and puppies unseen.

You don’t even know what they look like, if they have eyes, legs to stand on, if they fit the standards you supposedly uphold. You register anything that comes with papers. Just like you register anything homebred from registered parents, typical or not, crippled or born to suffer, imprisoned in a deformed body, victim of unfathomable, twisted, sickening malice and exploitation.

What does that make YOU, Dear AKC, Dear UKC et al?

It makes you complicit.

You essentially mislead and misinform the public in your country, leading them to think that the product they’re buying isn’t defective, because it has a pedigree. Just like the FCI does. Just like TKC does.

That is a big lie.

It’s such a big lie that it would be considered a fraud in a court of law.

Guess what, some of these pedigrees that you accept (without due process, without scrutiny, without DNA testing, merely on face value) are indeed, false.

As serious as the issue of falsified records is, it pales to insignificance compared to the suffering.

You do no quality control before you register these dogs and add them to your records.

You don’t require that they are examined by a breed surveyor, an approved judge, a veterinarian even, to make sure that they don’t have any physical abnormalities and that they indeed look like the breed they’re supposed to be.

If it was car manufacturing you were overseeing there would be recalls of faulty products in their millions or the organisation involved and facilitating such shoddy practices would be facing one barrage of lawsuits after another.

And we’re not talking inanimate nuts and bolts. These “products” suffer.

Dear AKC, UKC, FCI and the rest you, you let us down. You are not doing what it says on the tin. Worse still, you’ve let our dogs down.

Aren’t you supposed to serve and protect the public from buying defective dogs? Aren’t you supposed to actively oppose and condemn the practices of BYBs and puppy mills ? Instead, you are facilitating, supporting, welcoming it with open arms. You are enabling this trafficking of sick, suffering, untypical puppies and adult dogs. Is this how you uphold standards of excellence ? According to these pseudo-Dane  greeders themselves, if it wasn’t for the Americans, importing these crippled dogs and paying handsomely for them, they wouldn’t have a reason as they wouldn’t have a market.

Not forgetting, never should we be able to forget, never should we be able to unsee or ignore, our eternal shame as humans, our monumental failure to the “best friend of man”, because of our “disposable dog” ethos, because of our failed institutions such as YOU, Dear AKC, CKC, FCI, UKC et al, because of our collective lacking of compassion, education and social responsibility, that those “products” that you allow the sale of, with your sign of approval, when found faulty and too costly due to their health issues, go to this

What protection do you, Dear AKC, Dear UKC, afford to the enthusiasts of the Great Dane breed that put their trust in you ? What protection do you afford to dogs in general?

Why should they continue to allow you maintain their breed registry ?

Shame on YOU. And more shame on US, if we continue to tolerate, feed you and keep you.

I honestly think you’ve failed, Dear AKC, Dear UKC et al.

I honestly think that this despicable betrayal and intentional distortion of my breed, of our beloved Apollo of Dogdom, this horrific rape of the Great Dane, this disfigurement, this deformity, this abomination, this total mockery of the breed standard, this systematic & catastrophic tragedy would not be happening, certainly not to the extend you facilitate it, without your poor and shoddy practices, without your lack of care and due process. Without your indifference, corruption, and political, self-serving, profit-making, cynical sell-out.

Your pet market is flooded by this deluge of disabled caricatures, mass-produced and sold to your misinformed public with AKC & UKC & CKC ‘papers’.

YOU, Dear AKC, Dear UKC, Dear FCI, are directly & ultimately responsible. You are guilty of enabling this animal abuse. You allow your fellow citizens to fall victims of this racket and you do nothing to stop it. You are offering very poor returns to the good, ethical, conscientious breeders that support you. Breeders who are squeezed between the native puppy mill & BYB output and the imported pseudo-Danes.

So I honestly believe that all the people who really care about dogs would be better off without you, dear AKC, dear UKC et al.

We have shining examples here & here.

We don’t need anyone else but our Breed Clubs and Societies, to manage our breed. We can register our dogs and record our litters and issue our pedigrees and put all the checks in place to protect and preserve our beloved breeds much better ourselves, thank you very much.

We collectively have the expertise and the knowledge to do so. We have direct access to scientific advice and guidance. Most of all, we have the true caring interest. With our breed clubs and societies we can survey our litters and DNA-test them and ensure that each and every dog and puppy, home bred or imported, is inspected before issued a pedigree and that what is registered as a Great Dane is indeed a Great Dane.

Dear AKC, UKC, CKC, FCI etc al – We Don’t Need You: all you have to offer us is trinkets and group competitions and BIS trophies. If that is at the price of having our dogs disfigured, exploited, suffering, dying, well, duh, thanks but no thanks.

We can stop this destruction. We can protect the integrity of our breed. We can protect quality breeding and good breeders from the onslaught of puppy farming that you have opened the floodgates to, allowing them to threaten what we put you in place to safeguard, without even a token of resistance. Because of course, this international racket increases your revenue. And we know very well that your revenue is falling, because of falling entries as thousands of people are disillusioned by the poor return for their hard earned moneys and sickened to the stomach by the generic judging that is making a mockery of standards and transforming entire breeds into caricatures.

Dear AKC, UKC et al, if you don’t step up to the task, you will be become as obsolete soon as you are irrelevant now. And no trinkets to the natives will be able to reverse your falling entries and revenue. Turning to the designer breeds market, even the non-pedigree market and catering for puppy farming ain’t going to keep you afloat – and if that’s what you think, then you have already filed for divorce from real dog lovers – our differences are fast becoming irreconcilable.

The future belongs to a far more sensible way to manage dog populations, a less haphazard, less laissez faire, less commercial, less consumeristic, more ethical, more scientific and more efficient way. Breeds managed by the people who really care about them and are truly equipped with the breed-specific information and the incentive to look after them properly. And Breed Dogs Better.

Dear AKC, Dear UKC, Dear FCI et al, you are part of the problem that we are facing. You are part of the reason our breed is suffering and we can’t allow you to continue harming those we love. You are part of the reason breeding is in decline, puppy farming is thriving and good breeders are becoming an endangered species.

You are lining the pockets of the exploiters, tormentors and cruel killers of what we hold dear.

This business you are conducting is not ethical, even if it’s profitable. You are not supposed to be profit-making organisations. It’s not what you were founded to do: you were founded to promote, preserve and protect the best interests of pedigree dogs – their physical and mental health and well-being, their breed integrity and historical continuation and preservation as members of the dog species, valuable for biodiversity, their ability to function as dogs and live long happy lives and mate and whelp naturally, and not become cripples and victims because of human mismanagement, above all. The business you are conducting is downright inhumane and damaging to dogs.

So if you continue on this slippery slope, turning a blind eye to the destruction and the corruption you are feeding and propagating, you really leave us no other option.

And you bet it’s going to hit you where it hurts, too.

Dear AKC, Dear UKC, Dear FCI et al, it’s high time you listened to us, otherwise we can part ways; and you can be sure that legislation against torture breeding is going to further diminish your revenue.

You have a choice to become part of the solution or a chapter in the history of breeding dogs that we must soon put behind.

And your time is running out.

If we have to choose between the extinction of our dogs and the extinction of the all-breed registries, guess what: it’s a no-brainer.