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I just launched a new website to showcase my “doggy” Artwork and my Educational products, like the CD “Great Dane Fit for Function“- volume I. It’s the culmination of many decades of learning. It’s Danedom, the domain of the Great dog, Canis Major 🙂

Canis Major is dedicated to Art & Study. Here’s a snapshot of its current front page:


It also has it’s own dedicated Facebook page: Great Dane Art, Craft & Education. Please visit and review it. New content added daily.

Great Dane Gnosis will continue to cover Great Dane preservation, news, breed problems, developments, history and individual aspects of breed type, fitness, conformation and health in a series of blog posts.

Canis Major” on the other hand, is different: it features items, products and services that people can actually purchase, enjoy, collect, keep, gift to others and use to study and learn from. Please “follow”, share and comment on its content. Your feedback is seriously important and generates energy – to improve, to create more, to give back more to the dogs that define my lifetime.

I hope you will continue to support my efforts and thank you for the amazing energy and inspiration I draw from my daily interaction with you and from your valuable input and ideas.

Keep it coming 🙂