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the story

This is a short film I put together, to tell the Great Dane story. Click on the picture above to view the video. By the way it’s my first attempt ever to make a video so please do let me know what you think.

Unfortunately we don’t know if the beautiful story will end as a tragedy.

Please watch and share. Education and information is our only weapon against the forces of evil that are at work harming a dog that for countless centuries has given us immense devotion and service.

But I know this much: the Great Dane deserves his story to be told.

And he deserves better.

So please after you watch the movie, do read, sign the petition here
and share with your friends.

Thank you for caring.

Maybe together we can make a difference.

I hope so.

Because it would be unforgivable and unbearable to lose the Great Dane.  .