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A friend sent me this picture the other day.

Well now, I know, I know…it’s supposed to make a point; a non-doggy person seeing this photo would make other associations and talk about other things; Myself, I wouldn’t be judgmental about the choices people make about their personal appearance – it’s their bodies, right? It’s their own decision and  even if they wish to cartoonize themselves, if they are comfortable, and if they’re happy with that, why the hell not?

To a doggy person, this image creates other obvious associations. Would you be comfortable with such lips, if you were a dog? Would you be able to efficiently eat and drink with acres of flabby skin hanging down from your face, constantly drooling, flapping about when you run, gathering crap when you lower your head trying to sniff the ground, or getting infected, getting injured and generally getting in your way as no dog’s lips ever were meant to be ?

I don’t know about humans, they have a free choice, real or perceived, about their own beauty and they can do whatever the hell they like about their own facial features, alter them, exaggerate them or even disfigure them on purpose. But on dogs these lips seem to me to be a very poor design. Dogs spend all their lives closer to the ground than we do, biting, pulling, chewing, play-fighting, chasing things; they are basically exploring the world with their snouts because smell is far more important to them than it is to us; so, no matter what enhanced lips do for a human person’s image and for what they want to project to others about themselves, on a dog I’m sure that any reasonable human brain should be able to recognize that such lips are a drag and a hindrance. I would not call them enhanced. I would call them disabled lips. To go with the rest of the disabled dog.

I’m sure any person with a semblance of common sense would agree? It’s rather elementary? as in, say you asked a doctor about these uncomfortable lumps on your face and the doctor said it’s no big deal, it’s just your swollen lips, you have to learn to live with them because you are only going to suffer in that part of your body for your entire life and that’s ok, the rest of you is fine,

wouldn’t you turn around and say – Are you crazy? Are you a real doctor?

So when some ‘dog people’ tell me it’s ok for dogs to suffer this, that these dysfunctional curtains of excess flesh hanging from a dog’s face are cute or whatever, I just want to turn around and ask – are you crazy? Are you really a dog lover?

Think about that.