It annoys the bejaysus out of me that people look at a dog and think “I’ll take that breed and change it to suit my tastes” with no knowledge about the dog’s history or purpose and no respect for its well-being. So here we’ll attempt to destroy the destructive effects that stupid attitude has on dogs, by throwing logic, common sense & knowledge at it until it hurts.

I have no quarrel with people who create new breeds or attempt to do so with respect to the animal’s welfare and without destroying preexisting sound breeds. I do have a quarrel with people who are destroying the Great Dane and this is my weapon to destroy their destruction: knowledge is the most powerful weapon in existence and it will destroy it, if you care enough to share. We need to reach everyone who is involved in Great Danes in any capacity and teach the newcomers and future generations well. I’m doing my bit. Do yours by sharing this page and its contents to everyone you know in dogs.

It also annoys me that people attempt to re-write history to suit them. so visit the History page from the menu above or click here for more about that.